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tv   New Day  CNN  September 14, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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ribbean in desperate need of aid. an investigation is under way into deaths at a nursing facility in hollywood, florida. >> it is an astonishing event. >> these facilities should be regulated. it hasn't happened. >> we all know our agenda can't just be against donald trump. democratic leaders and president trump potentially reaching a deal on d.r.e.a.m.ers that does not include funding a border wall. >> whether they are democrats or republicans, we want to come together to push. we're certainly happy to have that conversation. >> if we can do things in a bipartisan manner, it will be great. now, it might not work out. >> good morning, everyone welcome to new day. it is thursday, september 14th. 7:00 here in new york. chris is in florida where president trump will survey the aftermath of irma just hours from now. we begin with breaking news. president trump is denying that he hatched a deal with democratic leaders to protect the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. in a series of tweets he is
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reinforcing his feels about d.r.e.a.m.ers and insisted his border wall will continue to be built. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were touting a deal in exchange for some border security enhancements but not the wall, chris. >> reporter: and the president saying in a tweet this morning by wall he means fixing what's there, adding to what's there. when you used to report that, alyson, the president called it fake news. now he is owning it as a reality itself. the big move is to come here. he's coming to ft. myers and to naples and he is here to look at what irma brought in florida. 3 million customers still without power in this state. the death toll, we knew it was going to rise, and it is. 77 lives taken by this storm in the u.s. and the caribbean. but another development is that police were investigating the dates of eight senior citizens found in sweltering conditions
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at a nursing home in hollywood, florida. the question is, was that because of the storm or how they were treating people there all along? it's a big investigation. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with joe johns live at the white house with this breaking news. joe? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the president with what appeared to be at first is an agreement to agree on daca. and then this morning just a flurry of tweets both clarifying and a stream of consciousness on the issue. among them he writes this morning there was no deal made last night on daca. massive security would have to be agreed to. he seeks tollay concerns he is giving up on his wall. the wall is already under construction will continue to be built. then he talks about the d.r.e.a.m.ers. does anyone really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who
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have jobs, some serving in the military? he goes on, they have been in our country many years through no fault of their own, brought in by their parents at a young age. democrat you can leaders are hailing another agreement with president trump to protect hundreds of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers from being deported in exchanged for beefed up border security. key details about the agreement on unknown, but we do know it does not include the controversial border wall. house and senate democrat you can leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say we have agreed toen sideline them into line quickly, excluding the wall, that is seasonable to both sides. but sarah sanders said while daca and border security were discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to. a senior administration official tells cnn the wall discussions were the same as the white house
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publicly suggested this week. the president will keep pushing for a wall, but it doesn't have to be part of this agreement. the framework hashed out at a white house dinner with chinese food with pelosi and schumer. they were joined by eight others to discuss tax reform, daca and health care. notably absent, the majority leader and the speak or of the house. the president insists there is no reason to be skeptical. >> more and more we are trying to work things out. it's good for the republicans, good for the democrats. >> the new approach a far cry from husband usually harsh rhetoric. >> i think the losers are nancy
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pelosi and chuck schumer. >> in spite of the administration, they reacted angry. breitbart news blasted the words "amnesty don" on their website. and steve king tweeted if an associated press report on this issue was correct, he said, quote, the trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable and disillusioned beyond repair. no promise is possible. >> all right, joe. thank you very much. you are giving us a lot to chew on. let's bring in david greggry and dana bash. i want to read the tweets one more time. this just happened in the past hour. i find them fascinating. there's so much to dissect in each one. president trump, as usual, is giving us a real window into what he's thinking. here's what he says. no deal was made last night on
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daca. massive border security would have to be agreed in exchange for consent. would be sum to vobject to vote. the wall which is under under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, wall continue to be built. does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and plushed young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? they have been in our country many years through no fault of their own. what are you hearing? >> confirmation of what we have been reporting. they worked out the framework on the deal, they the agreed to find agreement in in and of itself is huge accomplishment if you're looking for a bipartisan agreement, which you need. the only way to get something
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like this done, and when i say this, it's something that, as you read earlier, joe had in his piece, many conservatives consider amnesty to everything they believe in. only way to get it done is to do it with democrats. republicans on capitol hill said time and time again, the ball is in the president's court. he's going to be the one to have to do it. with saw the beginnings of that last night. >> david, why would he want to get something done? >> because he wants to be able to say he can do something that nobody else has been able to do, which is to really beef up border security in a real way. he could solve an issue that barack obama cooperate even resolve. he could i am the leading voice in the republican party. you heard press secretary say
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he's the leader of the republican party so he wants to play that role. that is significant. look, the president has been willing to tell his base that he will campaign against him. he will be with him or against him. he wants to be able to -- he sees an opportunity. something that looks more comprehensive. that is the way into getting in on border security. >> dana, to your point, he seems to be sharing his motivation. back to the wall for a second. the wall, can which by the way is already under construction, in terms of new renovation of old existing walls. is that what shawn hannity and other outspoken conservatives had in mind? >> no. they want an actual physical wall. they want the wall with the big beautiful gold door and everything we heard over and over again in the campaign.
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that is what they want. however, that is a very, very vocal but frankly not the majority i think of republicans who have been elected in the united states congress. why will they waste money? the president is saying in his tweets, i'm not giving up on the wall. he's not saying i'm demanding that the wall is part of this deal with d.r.e.a.m.ers. that's an important difference, an important difference. >> i think there's something significant here which unck my reading is the way democrats handled this in the press last night made the president look back, like he caved. that's why he didn't like the coverage this morning. if they were being tack tuckly smart, they will let him claim victory on border security. that's how they will get a bigger deal.
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>> republicans control both houses of congress and the white house. why is it that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, who are the boogeyman. >> you're using the old math. you're using the pre-trump administration math on how washington works. he will have to use democrats to get that done. i don't always understand that thinking. if we go back to 2000, there was a lot of vacillation on the right about their views on immigration. this is someone who will try to
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push this across the line where he hasn't been able to bring conservatives before, where conservatives have not been before. >> can i just add, i think i understand david's point that this was misplayed in some way. i think chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are quite strategic they put this out there nothing, just like you said, david, that the president does need a win on this. the notion of border security is out there. but then ultimately let the president say, okay, you want to do this deal? we're going -- we don't know the specifics. he can take credit for the x, y, z of the specifics. >> didn't they get out ahead as the saying goes of them coming out in a celebratory way. where the white house press secretary was like, whoa, whoa, no, no, we didn't. it should have been somehow delivered to the president?
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>> maybe. maybe. we'll see how they continue to play this. but that is no question that's possible. i think maybe there was an interpretation that they have an opportunity deal as opposed to agree to work on a deal. which is a very important detail. >> many they have chinese food and chocolate pie? have you ever had chocolate pie after chinese food? >> i think there are rules against that. >> i want to know what the fortune cookie said. isn't it peck he's having dinners and not involving mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. >> it has implications on the long-term relationship. the president is in a zone where
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he is an opportunist at this moment. i don't think he likes how he is being perceived. and the promise of trump is he can do this kind of work with democrats and confuse both his opponents whether they are republicans or democrats. >> i'm almost out of time. i just very quickly want to show how conservatives were responding at 11:00 p.m. last night. steve king via twitter said if "the associated press" is correct, trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable and disillusioneded beyond repair. laura ingram, let's hope they misrepresented the daca deal. stay the course and keep his promises or it's over. pelosi and schumer can never be
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be trusted, shawn hannity. >> there is little question that the president is taking this on and he will take on water with his base. the base that he relied on as he lyinged to say. liked to say. this is the ultimate test of that. i talked to conservatives who love him who say he's going to lose them. >> they will surely be happening the next two hours. dave and dana, thank you very much. meanwhile, of course chris is monitoring the aftermath of irma in florida. chris, tell us what's happening there. >> reporter: politics is all perspective. republicans need awe win. in florida, it's we need a win. the people here are in need. president trump is going to head down to where we are today to get a firsthand look at what irma has destroyed. the president just tweeted moments ago, i'm leaving now florida to see our great first responders and to thank the u.s.
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coast guard, fema, et cetera. a real disaster, much work to do. he has never written a tweet more accurate than that one. in the florida keys, people are starting to make their way back to assess the damage at least. they are at ground zero there. irma just devastated the place. homes, businesses, power, water, gas. bill weir live in key west this morning bringing us reality. bill? >> reporter: hey, chris. yeah, it temperatures out that really location is destiny. where you live in the keys determines how much you will be hurt and how much of a mess you'll have to clean up. good news, we came down with such grim expectations with the loss of loss given the winds. no fatalities by anybody we have met down here. that's the first thing. i talked to the harbor pilot.
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he said they're clear. that's good. the power lines that connect all of the keys with the mainland, our supply guys drove down food and water for us. they said those held like the seven mile bridge in some places, u.s. 1 chopped up. but florida department of transportation on it yesterday tarring that road as fast as they can. the main thing here is fuel. they want to get the generators going, open up some restaurants and open up places. food is going bad. they were giving it to the locals who stayed last night. right now, the photographs. this is breakers but the city harbor of key west. you can see the wreckage of the boats bashed up against that. dozens more by the hook, as it is known. one of the freshest ship wrecks, impromptu swimming party. people coming down in the 95-degree heat to cool off, open a beer.
4:17 am
the only humanitarian aid anyone asked me for was a woman wanting to know if we had a wine opener. i don't want to trivialize it. it is is a huge sigh of relief given the estimates. 90% of the homes destroyed is probably inflated. by our accounts, 30% to 40%. they are not letting folks back here until they know they can police and control human behavior in a place like this, chris. >> reporter: bill weir, always corkscrew at the ready. relief comes in many different forms. people are going to take whatever they can right now. irma's toll is hitting home. it's from the serious and the most severe we can see. eight seniors died. sweltering heat inside a nursing home in florida is said to be the cause. but there is a major investigation about how this place and others like it treat
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eight people died in a nursing home. was this about power or how that place and others take care of our elderly? cnn's liz wetting elizabeth cohen is live >> reporter: one of the major questions is why people were suffering at that nursing home right there, why weren't they immediately taken down the street to the hospital? police launching a criminal investigation after the deaths of eight senior citizens from this florida nursing home where the air-conditioning system lost power. the call for the help coming in the night. one elderly resident having a heart attack. first responders arriving to find three others dead. four more died in hospitals.
4:23 am
>> once we determined we had multiple deaths at the facilities, and the facilities are extremely hot, we made the decision to evacuate all the patients. >> reporter: the massive evacuation with fire and rescue teams mobilizing nine rescue units. this blue tent tree aplgiiaging evacuees. >> as we arrived with our fire rescue crews, there were a number of people in respiratory distress and other distress. >> residents enduring humidity and sweltering temperatures for about three days. >> most have been treated for respiratory distress, dehydrated and heat related issues. >> the administration saying in a statement that the facility did not lose power during the hurricane but lost a transformer that powers the air-conditioning and that the facility immediately contact florida power & light and emergency officials. the facility maintaining that staff set up mobile cooling units and fans to cool the
4:24 am
facility and continually checked on our residents's well-being to ensure they were hydrated. the health department said it kept in contact with the nursing home three days, advising them to call 911 if they suspected anyone's health is at risk. >> people are just absolutely shocked that >> people are just absolutely shocked that someone in a staff would not know enough that a frail elderly person is dying of heat exhaustion and would at least know to dial 911. this is what is inexcusable.
4:25 am
>> reporter: florida's governor placing an immediate moratorium
4:26 am
on new admissions. if they find they were not meeting the statute's high standards of care, they will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. >> the srel sraeurts were working. so we went upstairs. they went down the hall. they had her sitting in front of a fan, a brother. as they did downstairs. but she was sitting in front of a blower. and she almost cried. she said, jean, i can't breathe. i can't breathe. i said, honey, please don't talk. and i said to the lady, can you get me some ice. and she said we don't have any ice. so then i've got to go to the bathroom. this lady came by. one of the nurse's aides came by and took betty. i said don't you need to take her oxygen with her.
4:27 am
she took her. betty walked to the bathroom herself. and the lady came back out. so i went in to see was betty okay. and betty is sitting by the bathroom door. she said, jean, i can't breathe. and i started to get her wheelchair. she said don't leave i said i've got to get your wheelchair. i got her back in the wheelchair and got her a coke. it was a cold coke from my refrigerator. betty was so delighted to have the coke. i asked the nurse. she said it was okay. betty and i have been friends many years. hi hair looked horrible. and i had a little hat on. she said you look horrible. i said i will really show her. and i took my hat off.
4:28 am
she said you put the hat back on. you look horrible. we laughed. she couldn't hardly talk. i said, look, honey, we're going to leave because i don't want you talking because you have to save your oxygen. there were blowers but there wasn't no air-conditioning. anyway, this was the day before yesterday. then i get a call that betty is in the hospital. hospital was doing their best. she has no resuscitation. so they were doing their best, the hospital was. but she was gone when i got there actually. not really but she wasn't talking or anything. of course she passed away yesterday afternoon at 3:00.
4:29 am
i knew many, many of the people that live there. it's soed sad. what a price to pay. what a terrible price to pay. >> jean, the tender mercies that you're describing, suspending time, giving her a coke. it seems small to people but it's not when you're in a situation like that. what a blessing to have you in their life visiting and being there with her, especially in the days that wound up being so close to the end. before we get into the place, let's talk about the person just for a second. who do we lose in betty hibbert? >> a caring person. a loving person. a trusting person. we worked together for 40 years. and i had a real estate office. when i could go away on
4:30 am
vacation, i knew i left it in good hands. i have never seen a person more dedicated to her work. she was always there when i needed something. of course betty was a little on the heavy side. she was reminded me i was putting on weight. she said you should be going over and exercising and watching your weight. i said what about you? she said that's different. that's the answer i got, is that was different. but betty was absolutely a caring person. >> so we know now that we lost somebody special who you feel deserved better. and how do you feel about how
4:31 am
that place was being run? >> i don't want to sit in judgment. i don't know what to say. i go in and made sherbure betty a haircut and a permanent. if the other residents needed something, i would get the nurse's attention. if they didn't do it, the next week i would follow up again. betty had a appearing problem. we were able to get betty a television with captions on it. she said you bought that for me? i said, no, you bought it.
4:32 am
they give her $90 or $100 from her social security. i said, betty, it was your own money. she said is that really my own television? betty never wanted to be a liability to anyone. i visit a lot of people in nursing homes. and i have to say betty is one of the few that i leave laughing because she inevitably comes up with something under the worst of circumstances. she said i know i have to be here. the first few weeks she wasn't sure she needed to be there. i think she has been here two, two and a half years. she was perfectly happy.
4:33 am
a little popcorn, a few little goodies once or twice a week passing by, that made her happy. >> thank god she had you in her life. jean, thank you for sharing your perspective about your friend and what it was like in there for her. it's important right now because we're trying to figure out why this tragedy occurred, what could have been done to stop it, what should be done now. so thank you for being with us, jean. and i have to say you look beautiful this morning even though it you was so early to join us here on new day, especially your hair. your friend would be proud. >> thank you. what a price to pay. thank you. >> all right. jean johnson talking about her friend betty hibbert. she died in the aftermath of this hurricane. did she have to? that's the question that triggered an investigation. up next, we talk to the mayor of hollywood, florida. what did he know about this place and others like it? what are they going to do now.
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well, here's what we know
4:37 am
for sure. eight senior citizens died at a hollywood, florida nursing home. we know that the conditions were sweltering. what we don't know is why they had to be there, why more wasn't done. and if this facility was doing their job the right way. there is a safety record that raises issues. again, this is the subject of a major investigation here in florida. joining us is the mayor of hollywood, josh levy. mr. mayor, can you hear us? >> good morning, yes. >> reporter: so let's start with the macro here. the overview. the do you believe this is justified and what are your questions? >> of course. the u.s. senator that came here, state representative at all levels of government we demand to know what happened there,
4:38 am
were there regulatory deficiencies. we need to go forward. we need to determine what took place. >> these issues are not knew. i don't have to tell you that. you deal with so many seniors. they're also not under your direct supervision as mayor. but if there is a safety record here, that shows that this place was cited in the past for similar issues. the idea of oversight and accountability are going to loom large. and the answers may not end with pointing fingers at this facility. are you comfortable with that? >> certainly. we need to look -- the state needs to look at its spwaour regulatory scheme. how do you spell they inspect nursing homes. what are the requirements for backup services. what happens when there is a failure in the florida heat of day. is it good enough to just call a repair man and wait a few days or even staep a situation during a hurricane or after power loss,
4:39 am
must there be mandatory notice to evacuate right away or supervise immediately resolution of the issue. it obviously can't be left to some administrators who apparently didn't make the right judgment calls. >> reporter: right. and i get the political cynicism that is bubbling up quickly whether or not these patients were dealt with as profit centers or as people in need. but it is going to boil down to the facts. what do you know about why this facility did not transfer these patients to that hospital that was literally across the street? >> what we do know now is the only phone calls to 911 were for single patient issues. the first was cardiac arrest. they immediately pumping a chest trying to save someone's life, taking them to the hospital. a couple hours later they get a call from the same facility for
4:40 am
someone having respiratory issues, i understand. and, again, it's immediately treatment for that single patient call. but while they were trying to just finish that second call. alarm bells went off. and the paramedics called their superiors, informed the hospital, they notified the supervising agency, and paramedics demanded that we have an opportunity to walk through room to room in the entire facility to check up on everyonement that's when i understand three already deceased individuals were found in there. who knows how many hours they were already dead. >> reporter: you're going to have to get after this, mr. mayor. in a law they have a phrase "standard of care." 911 call and that kind of circumstance is one thing if you or i make it untrained and someone without a duty of care. but they were in the business of
4:41 am
watching, monitoring, reacting to the conditions of these elderly patients. it is a different standard of care in exactly >> reporter: how they react to these early questions is going to matter a lot. hopefully you guys are asking the questions and getting the answers out. mr. mayor, we will stay on the story. as you find things out, you know how to contact us. whether it was about the storm or not, this is going to matter. it can't go away. it may be a question that applies to lots of places, not just this one. alyson, to you. >> understood, chris. there is a lot of political stories making news today. one of them hillary clinton. she blames her election loss on director james comey. is she rewriting history? we ask former national intelligence director james clam effort for his take. . it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip
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hillary clinton pinning much of the blame for her 2016 loss on former fbi director james comey. >> reporter: he's never been clear about his motivation. and what bothered me the most as the time went on after the election is, and we learned more about the open fbi investigation
4:45 am
into the trump campaign and their connection with russia. that had been going on for quite some time. the american people didn't know about it. because lessons can be learned. but the more important lessons that will affect our democracy going forward are not about him and his investigation. he i think forever changed history. but that's in the past. >> we have james clapper. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> director comey is taking grief from all sides today. we just heard the white house press secretary sarah sanders say that she believes, and we assume the president believes, that the department of justice should look into prosecuting director comey for what they say was leaking information
4:46 am
information, giving false testimony to congress. hillary clinton thinking it changed the course of history by interfering in the 2016 election. do you agree with any of those assessments in. >> well, first, let me take the statements from the white house both in the process standpoint. from a process assistant, it is very unusual, maybe unprecedented for a white house spokesman to give direction or intimidation to the department of justice about who and what should be investigated. from a content standpoint, i think the things that she cited, the privacy act, disclosure oath
4:47 am
or breach of contract are all really not very credible or in my view, shaky legal ground. as far as secretary clinton, perfectly legitimate and appropriate for her to write her book and whatever she thinks caused her defeat, i will simply say with respect to that that i believe that whatever jim comey did, he did it for whvalued reasons. >> he did not publicly speak about an investigation into the trump campaign's ties to russia. >> the big news and the big
4:48 am
concern that i had was russian interference. the potential of collusion aside. we did go public with that i thought very authoritatively on the 7th of october about what the russians were doing. >> did they say we are looking into the trump's campaigns ties to russia and whether or not they are colluding or meddling? >> well, that didn't unfold at least in a way that was visible to me until much later. in fact, predominantly after i left the government. so i do think there was warnings of the russian engagement which to me is the big news item here. and just as she would assert jim comey's actions changed history, i could assert -- i think it had a bigger effect but there was no way to measure it in either case, what the russians did, the
4:49 am
totality of their interference also had profound impact on the election. the problem is there's no way to measure or gauge either assertion. >> well, she is saying there is a way to measure it because she is saying the polls dipped substantially after james comey went public -- or september the letter at least to congress as to the reopening of the e-mails that were on possibly anthony weiner's laptop. and there ended up being nothing there. she saw data where the polls showed that that really hurt her. >> well, be again, it is is perfectly legitimate examine reasonable for her to assert that. of course i have to say if it weren't for the existence of the private server, up in of this would have happened in the first place. >> let's talk about new information cnn has gotten about former national security adviser susan rice.
4:50 am
she has explained why she requested the unmasking of some of during the transition. she wanted to know why the crown prince of the unite arab emirates had come to new york in december and not disclosed it to the white house, and she found that curious enough to see who the white house crown prince came to the us. >> i can't and won't comment specifically on an individual unique unmasking event. i can't for security purposes --
4:51 am
i can't acknowledge one way or the other that event. i will reiterate what i said on my public testimony under oath on the 8th of may when i appeared with sally yates before the senate judiciary committee to explain what unmasking is, which is a legitimate process for determining when a u.s. person, at the time when you tpheurblg initially are aware of it is engaged with a valid and foreign security target, and didn't necessarily understand the content but the circumstances of them gave all of us concern. susan's request to unmask was legitimate and responsible. >> thanks so much for being on "new day" with us. >> thank you.
4:52 am
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i'm micah with safelite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. this morning we have been following a major development that eight seniors died at a nursing home in hollywood, florida. it raises lots of issue. was this about the storm?
4:56 am
was this about how this place handled the storm? or was it about how this place and maybe others as well treat our elderly and vulnerable overall? that takes us to a different offshoot of the storm about the need in the midst of irma. students cares for elderly through irma. with us now is a senior nursing student and the president. thank you for what you did. living up to the mandate of a university, young lady, thank you very much. this is not about a failed nursing home. this is not about a failed s assisted living facility, and this is about an apartment and they have caregivers that come in, and you got contacted by the sheriff and he said we have a
4:57 am
problem, we have need. >> well, he said we have the elderly haitians that are living and the caregivers have gone to protect their homes and nobody was there to care for them anymore, and they went in the model rooms and we took them in. one woman was blind. the chair of our board went out to greet them and we took them in and knew we had students that would love them. >> because we have a march towards accountability of what happened in hollywood, and this is not about the caregivers abandoning them. >> no, one woman was blind and what the gospel says to us, love them and feed them and house them, and we were honored to. >> you were just living up to the mandate of the school? >> right. >> what was on the logo was put into practice? >> it was amazing to see how our
4:58 am
students welcomed them. so we filled up our gymnasium with 450 people that came in because all the shelters at that time were overflowing. friday night and saturday, everybody was bracing for the direct hit. and it came, and we had tornadoes on our campus but we survived. >> the first one is about how you do this job, the second about conscience. what did you see in terms of what it takes to care for the elderly in this kind of situation? >> first, myself and two other nursing students, we went and greed greeted them, and there was a language barrier, and we are only english-speaking, and one knew a little english so we treated her as a translator for the rest of them. we were trying to figure out if they could do stairs, and if the power went out and the elevators were no longer in use, and one of them was blind so we had to
4:59 am
figure out if she needed help with feeding and other daily living activities. we were given medications. we were figuring what they were on, and creating their diagnoses, and we had to go back to our shelter so we had to educate the faculty staying with them. >> so they were never alone. >> no, never alone. >> what did you learn about the elderly and in particular that you have to check and ask and be there? >> we learned basically by looking up their medications what they had wrong with them, and many of them had hypertension and diabetes and others issues, too, and they needed their blood pressure taken on a regular bases, so we instructed people how to do that and the blood glucose as well. >> and what the students brought was love, and they were scared and needed to be assured, and
5:00 am
they came down to the chapel and prayed with the students. we had them in two different buildings but they were surrounded by love and care and they needed that as much as being sheltered from a storm. >> and you have to be there and you have to be aware when you are caring for these people. was that done there? it certainly was done at your university. thank you for showing what you are studying to do. you have to use your heart as much as your head. >> thank you. there's a lot of news to get after this morning. let's get after it. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to your "new day." it's september 14th. trump will survey the aftermath of irma shortly. we begin with breaking


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